Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January on Shutting Down

Due to a nail in my car tire and an increasing workload, my weekend stay in San Diego turned into a 4-day stay.

I wore my Somnadent every night.  I feel like I get a lot more oxygen, but I'm still getting used to having weird pressure points on my canines.  The boyfriend says that the snoring is now nothing more than a purring kitten.  This is why I like him.  He has tact.

I took the vitamins I had every day.  When I got to my apartment tonight my other OrthoMolecular vitamins had arrived in the mail, so I will get to have the full wammy yet again.

Moving is getting seriously "real."  I need to be out of my apartment at the end of Febuary and I am traveling 12 days for work plus whatever trips back and forth to San Diego I need to make to get my goods transported.  I'm making real progress, but all the work travel was a bit of a *SURPRISE* so I feel very overwhelmed.

This brings me to Febuary's goals.  The Somnadent, a 22 ounce bottle of water and no snooze button.  They aren't hercules goals, but it's going to be a tough month just with life.

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