Monday, January 20, 2014

5 Vitamins A Day

Great news!  For what it's worth most of the tummy trouble from my vitamins have subsided and I just feel really good with more energy!

I'm taking a few vitamins hand-selected by doctor from Ortho Molecular.  

For a pretty little change taking vitamins has been an important, though maybe not wildly blog-worthy practice.

The first Saturday of my new habit I was driving to San Diego with a carload of stuff to my new abode when I realized I had *forgotten* to take them.  I took a pitstop near Carlsbad, bought a coffee at a gas station and was fishing though my fuscia luggage to find the pills.

In the 20 days of this change I've missed two days.  1 was the first of January(I just forgot) and the other was last week when I had an all day meeting that ran from 8:00am to 10:00pm and I forgot again.

For the rules of "Pretty Little Changes," I'm considering any month with 85% or above compliance a win.  In practicality that means for a daily challenge I miss 3 or fewer days ;-)

Today I ran out of vitamins in my little organizer and when I went to refill I saw I was woefully low on one of the pills.  I immediately ordered a few more bottles from Amazon, but there may be a few days gap.

I won't count this as a failure of THIS habit(It's a failure of pre-planning for sure).  I'm taking the pills I can and taking the others as soon as they arrive.

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