Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unexpected Pro Tip

With my new position I found myself much in need of a new wardrobe.  I made a massive scores in post  Christmas sales.  I found a closet of clothes that make me roughly appear to be a slghtly conservative, respectable adult.

The best bargin was a $30.00 pair of Cole Haan Mary Janes.  Cole Haan's run $200.00 retail and can often be found sub $100.00 at places like DSW shoes and 6pm.com.  They have cushy nike insoles and classy outsoles.

And given my propensity to foot faucets I feel like I should wear shoe liners to avoid rapidly turning my pretty kicks into biological weapons.

Socks like Hue do the trick nicely.  They are lightweight cute and and hide under shoes.  But even the best shoe liners slip off my heel.  Sure the fancier ones with silicon backs help a little.  But its still a slidey annoying nightmare.  

While complaining to my bf he mentioned that barefoot runners use adhesive soles I might try.  I couldn't actually find what he meant and I also imagined that the adhesive soles were more sturdy foot protectors than absorbent wicking sockies.

I tried using double stick tape and 3M strips(I know, not a great idea) and both failed quickly and I had the heel of my socks wadded under my arches.

Then I remembered something..  Last year my planter fasciitis was acting up and I used some physical therapist grade spray skin adhesive to help give the tape wraps extra wham.

I sprayed it over my heel(it freezes like a mother, so be warned) and my sockies clung all day and peeled off at the end of the day.   A score!

My sockies are black and the stickum left a slight cast of black fuzz on my foot at the end of the day.  

The only downside for me is that I travel a lot and the smallest can is 4 ounces.  TSA allows no more than 3 ounces on carryon.  It seems an acceptable risk(the worst is it gets taken) and I usually have at least one checked bag.

Otherwise I can proudly say I have socks on my heels!

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