Friday, January 3, 2014

The Goal

Rather than have the *GIANT* new years resolution of doom, I thought I would try something new and break it down into 36 micro resolutions. 

My thought is that for most people what makes for happiness is a constellation of things.  Sunday brunch is wonderful because it's relaxed, usually has good coffee and typically comes with friends and/or family.  It's not just about the flapjacks.  I'm doing this experiment to see if life is the same way.

January's Micro Goals
1. Vitamins:
I take my regular medicine with the dutiful dedication of a saint.  But my doctor wants me to take a fistful of herbs and vitamins.  I'm less than superb about it.  Between being busy, not enjoying choking down the soft pack pills(more bioavailable) and forgetting...  I've been bad.  I'd like to finally just make it a habit.

2. Zero inbox preparation:
Before I can really do inbox zero(which all the execs I know try to do), I have to have a zero-ed inbox.  So this is a long process of sorting, filing and deleting.  I'm currently down from 3400 emails to 1500.

3. Game Plan for Move
Did I mention that in two short months I'm moving 100+ miles to settle in with my super awesome beau?  It's a complicated move because I'm trying to do the move myself, get rid of a lot of stuff and try my hand at Craigslist.  Here is a picture from my first attempt at an ad I put on last night. 

Turns out everyone and their mother is selling Ikea Poang chairs.  And my asking price of $60.00 is about standard for the market.  As such, nobody has sent me an email.  I just lowered the price to $40.00 and am hoping the best.  The Poang chair is clearly a requirement for anyone appointing their pad in Ikea. 

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