Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No Snooze button: Fail Fast, Change Fast

The no snooze button isn't working for me.  Not this month.

The goal is to get me on the saddle of my excercycle by 6:00 or 6:30 most mornings.  But when it's just that goal hanging on it's own, I don't do well.

I also enjoy setting my alarm 1/2 an hour earlier and lollygagging in bed sleeping, checking email and being lazy.  I really like it.  I'm going to derail this habit when I have a clearer month and I can make the goal to get on the bike by 6:30 3 times a week.

I'm doing a habit revision.  I'm traveling a lot this month and would like to change the habit to be every trip at least one morning I have a simple breakfast.

When I travel I enjoy the buffet breakfasts call me too much.

The idea of a simple breakfast is about 3 items and simple.
1. 2 pieces of toast, jam and butter
2. Cereal, milk and a banana
3. Oatmeal, milk, raisins and brown sugar or artificial sweetener

At home I normally eat protein-licious eggs.  When I eat eggs it's from a buffet or it comes with toast and bacon and potatoes.  It's too much.

So to seed a habit, I'm gonna try a simple traveling breakfast.

Sure it's a little carbier than I'd like, but the portion is right.  It's a meal not a feast.

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