Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Really Long Week

The week began crazy with leaving the BFs abode at 4:00am to take a jet to Florida for a conference.

I spent two more-or-less sleepless nights doing work and working on my presentation that went AMAZEBALLS.

I'm still behind on work, but chugging my way out after my work binge.

I can say I managed my goal of one simple breakfast while traveling a few times.
1. Travel day: Toast and Coffee
2. Cold McDonalds Hamburger(better not to ask, but it was simple-ish??)
3. Stickybun(a small one)

So it wasn't all healthy but they were not really banquet breakfasts.  Of course, because I had pulled so many all nighters, I really didn't have time for banquet breakfasts.

I also got stuck in Phoenix for a day on my way back because all the snow kept planes stuck in midwestern airports.

I maintained taking my pills(mostly, I think).
Was less good about water(I know I had some :).
Wore my Somnadent every night except the one I was grounded in Phoenix.

I'm out again on Tuesday and the trip is decidedly less stressful and has more breakfast temptations.  The toast thing is pretty good.  It's simple, it's warm and it's relatively filling.

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